We have a wealth of experience in bookkeeping, accounting and auditing. We assist all legal forms of national and international companies across a range of industries as well as public sector organisations. Auditing is a task that comes with great responsibility. Some of the services mentioned below are provided in collaboration with our affiliate firm "DaVinci Consulting".

  1. Auditing involves much more than just the legal obligation of certifying annual accounts. Whether annual and consolidated accounts or special audit services and certifications, having the objective judgment of external auditors makes information more reliable for all decision makers. According to the local laws, Statutory Audit should be conducted by local certified auditors, and we are fully authorized to provide such service across the country.
    Legal & Statutory Audits
  2. Business today is more dynamic than ever before, and as a result it is also plagued by uncertainty. Companies now find themselves in an increasingly complex environment that carries many significant risks. However, there are solutions and answers. Our firm can help you identifying risks as well as giving you the certainty that you are making the right decisions for the future of your business. The range of aspects involved is varied, and often entails areas of business that do not form part of conventional annual audits, where we can add value in.
  3. No matter what kind of audience you are gathering information for, inside or outside your business, special purpose audits give our firm’s certifications certainty, which reinforces a sense of trust and enables competitive advantages. Audit services by our firm's professionals generate confidence and certainty. Based on their industry and knowledge, independent professionals can verify that information is in order and processes are working effectively.
    Special Purpose Audits
  4. Internal audits are developing into an independent, objective management tool. With a particular focus on internal control systems and risk management, internal audits inspect organisational structures and business procedures. They help businesses recognise, manage and reduce risks. This creates certainty for management and makes it possible for strategic goals to be achieved.
    Internal Audit
  5. As a result of continuous developments, the complexity of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is steadily increasing. While regulators and standards bodies are putting ever higher demands on financial reporting, investors and other stakeholders demand prompt, careful, reliable reporting. Our firm's auditors and advisors can help you avoid unwanted surprises when using IFRS and deal promptly with new and revised standards.
  6. It is precisely in difficult economic times that preventing and investigating financial crime such as embezzlement, fraud and corruption becomes particularly important. We help businesses define their responsibilities as well as tracing and investigating fraud using forensic IT solutions. Our firm also advise on disputes, providing expert opinion in arbitration and legal proceedings, commercial contracts and insurance claims.
    Forensic Accounting & Legal Support
  7. The regulatory framework is always changing, making this environment increasingly complex and confusing for businesses. Regulations at national, international and supranational levels are being issued, amended or expanded, which sometimes makes it hard to navigate through the maze of orders, decrees, guidelines and circulars. This is not helped by the fact that businesses also need to assess the potential effects of future regulations. Our professionals can help you manage compliance risks, an operation essential to achieving lasting business.
    Regulatory & Compliance Services
  8. Management needs a focused, decision-making basis if it is to drive business successfully and effectively. Constantly gathering, analysing and interpreting data and information makes it possible to establish a database, which can be used as a basis for management decisions. Our firm help businesses produce their monthly and annual accounts, budgets (forecasting) and cash management, as well as facilitating meaningful corporate reporting. And, of course, our professionals are able to answer any questions on current national and international accounting and reporting rules.
    Preparing Accounts